009 Podcast Tips

This is my tips on getting better dances, and having a better experience in a club.

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Published on: August 26, 2007

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3 Responses to 009 Podcast Tips

  1. Shawn says:

    I listened to my first striptaculous podcast (Tips for a better experience. I’m no expert, but the advice seemed too “nice.” Being nice to a stripper is always a bad idea…. they don’t respect nice guys (nice guy = sucker). There’s a reason nice guys finish last.

    It’s next to impossible to find a well-adjusted stripper. They’ve often been treated poorly by men all their lives… and are usually “damaged goods.” This is why they are stripping and not in med school.

    Every stripper is usually dating a jerk (or inbetween jerks). These jerks know that they need to lower the girl’s self-esteem. They’re going to look at you like a pathetic loser to has to pay money to a cute girl to talk to them or to see them naked…. so instead, you need to flip the script and make them think that they are the pathetic loser who has to resort to getting naked for dirty one-dollar bills.

    There are equal relationships. Someone is always perceived as “higher value.” You must demonstrate that you are better than they are (or else they will believe the opposite, which is probably the truth, that they are better than you… and attempt to fleece you).

  2. Jim says:

    Shawn, I hate to disagree, but I do.

    If you play the game, you get a game…..

    Be yourself, be a human, talk like one and you get respect like one.
    yes some of the girls are, well lets say out there. But most are decent Humans and deserve the respect that any other human should get, not just some Ho to get you off….

    Putting someone down because of their choices in life can be a big circle jerk.

    It is hard in life to find anyone let alone a stripper that is not Damaged-Goods. I am a in a professional occupation, and see just as much if not more screwed up people that I work with, and for that just scare me. Yes the industry is hard and breeds corruption, let’s change that then instead of calling names.

    Nice guys finish first in my book.

    Girls chime in here.
    Striptaculous Jim

  3. masturbateur says:

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