045 Stripperfest 5

This week we review Stripperfest 5 with Daisy Duxe and Tigger. We sent Tigger up to catch Daisy and the girls at Stripperfest and get some great photo’s of the event.
Stripperfest Results
Daisy’s Website.

One Response to 045 Stripperfest 5

  1. bassman_5150 says:

    Hey Strip, Raven, Tigger and Daisy,

    Just wanted to congratulate you guys on an awesome podcast. Listened to it today. Good wrap up. Interview was a lot of fun to listen to and sounds as though the stripperfest 6 was a LOT of fun too. Yet to check out the pix, but, good on you Tigger for taking pix in a stressed state.

    Daisy, always a pleasure to listen to you. Guys, the podcast daisy rides again, at the end, the whole HARDBALL thing, CLASSIC. Best thing I’ve heard interviewers laugh about on radio for a long time.

    New website looks great too. Good work on that one.

    Love the podcasts guys. The interviews are intelligent, funny and insightful.