058 Miss Exotic US Pageant Recap 2009

Our Recap on the Miss Exotic US Pageant at Little Darlings in Las Vegas….

The winner is…. Tali De’Mar . Congrats on a great show and win.
Tali De’Mar myspace

Contestants in order of performance.
Crystal Cummings
Pasha Pashayania
Destiny B’Wide
Crystal Rayne
Tanya Towers
Sorrena Marie
Sondra Saxon
Lizzy Styles
Tali De’Mar
Stephanie Stalls
Madison Q ( The missing name….yeah…..)
Tiffany West
A Great show from all contestants…
Photo’s from the event

3 Responses to 058 Miss Exotic US Pageant Recap 2009

  1. Madison Q says:

    The Showgirl representing florida is Madison Q
    Thank you

  2. Jim says:

    Awesome, thanks for the Info, And I will correct the post…You Rock.

  3. Hey thank you so much for having me on the show and thank you for commenting me on this segment!!!! And I will see you on the show again!!! Had so much fun in Vegas it was freaking crazy!!!! Luv you guys!!!!!!

    Crystal Rayne