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I remember a time not to long ago, when the internet was just a thought in the mind of some brilliant nerds. With the advent of the internet and the proliferation of ready made porn for instant consumption, have we forgotten the basics?

Porn on the internet is an abundant resource, and to set yourself, or your content, apart from everything else is more and more difficult. Traffic is the keys to the kingdom of riches in the adult space. The problem is how to get those millions of people to view my site and make me rich. In the not so days of old, I would take out full page ads in Playboy or Penthouse, strike a deal with a distribution channel to get my films into every adult store, and get rave reviews by the critics. There used to be what was called hustle! Not to mention advertising and great content. With the advent of the online markets, we seem to forget what it was like. Now, I create a site, buy content, and pimp the shit out of it. I am no longer a creator, just a pimp.

With the creation of what I will call the Digital PimpsĀ, for the lack of a better non derogatory term, the films have lost the luster and the shine of yesteryear. I am not saying that there is not some quality porn out there, there is, but it is being produced by a hand full of companies as opposed to all the producers out there now. Current day, there are far more production companies, now that every girl in porn has aged herself out of an active porn career and suddenly found them selves without income, turn to producing movies for a living. This ought not to be so.

Hence the Digital Pimp comes to the rescue. With a small fee and some java script, the new age of Digital Pimpery will propel your content and your status as a great visionary to new heights. You will amass small riches like some kind of sheik. Did I mention what a visionary you must be to pull this off.

I am tired of hearing all the cool trends in VOD, Mobile and Online spaces. Just give me content worth torrenting(stealing for the non techies) . Stop giving the adult industry a black eye by giving every Dick the ability to Affiliate your content and torment me with spam. I am tired of hacked together sites with the exact same content. PLEASE MAKE IT STOP

Part two coming up. The Affiliate Affliction..

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Published on: March 10, 2010

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