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…so here goes….I have never blogged before as I am not sure where to start but I figured this would be a good time since I just got off of work. What a long day, wasn’t great but not horrible either. I have been dancing for several years now and somewhat have a routine. I usually start the day in a sexy but classy outfit. I wait to break out the big guns. In my years of dancing I have managed to accumulate a lot of different sexy outfits….from naughty schoolgirl to seductive belly dancer. I go with what feels right at the time, and sometimes I am spontaneous and like to surprise my customers. Today we had a variety of clientele and I treat everyone the same. I just expect to be treated with respect.

I am the kind of girl who likes to have a nice conversation before going immediately back for a dance. However, everyone is different therefore I have to adjust my approach. I do find that it not only makes the patron more comfortable but I feel more comfortable after having a nice conversation. Today consisted mostly of shy and reserved customers, which can make it more challenging to make money, but I do like working Saturdays as it is more laid back. I used to work the crazy night shifts and do not miss it. I learn more and more about guys doing what I do for a living. I enjoy being in an environment where people are there to have a good time. My goal is to have a guy leave with a smile on his face and saying to himself  “Wow not only was she HOT but had a great personality, I am going to come back and see her! I like meeting all kinds of different people, each with their own story. I suppose I get more out of the job than most girls which is probably how I have managed to survive so long, as well as keeping to myself and not getting personally involved with employees. I have seen this job change people in many ways, good, bad, and otherwise. All in all I love my job, and yes I have nights where it gets the best of me, it happens to all dancers. In this job you never know who you might meet and how much money you walk out with. One of my favorite parts of the job is stage..and that my friends is for my next blogggggggggg!

…there, I did it! My first blog! Till next time..continue to support your local strippers and treat them well!$!

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Published on: July 29, 2010

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