Why Adult Entertainment Industry needs to support the Midwest.


As the Midwest Correspondent of, I get the opportunity to talk to various people from all aspects of the adult entertainment industry. During the weekend of July 16-18, 2010 the crew of was at the Donald E Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, IL. covering the Exxxtacy 2010 show.

For a first time event, I consider the show an overall success and commend promoter Mike Wittenburg of Taboo Productions and his crew for bringing to the Chicago area an event much overdue and needed for the Midwest and the Adult Entertainment Industry.

Exhibitors at Exxxtacy 2010 covered diverse areas of the adult industry. There were porn legends Ron Jeremy and Ginger Lynn, some current stars like Nyomi Banxx, Daisy Duxe, Alexis Ford and Lexington Steele, plus upcoming new talent such as Clayra Beau, Lexi Love, and Athena Pleasures. The adult cam world had representation from as well as individuals models such as Diamond Jackson and Housewife Paige. Other internet websites such as Born-A-Babe,
Burning Angel and Clips4Sale shared their talents with the crowd.
There were numerous vendors selling everything from sex toys to outfits and other adult novelties. Other surprise exhibitors at Exxxtacy 2010 included photographer Scott Church, the Sex Workers Outreach Program (S.W.O.P.) of Chicago, and lawyer Dan Pepper (if you don’t know what a 2257 is, stay out of the industry.) As for media representation, along with, Playboy Radio and Pornstar Tweet were doing interviews as well plus additional media outlets were covering the event.

Now, the above list of Exxxtacy 2010 exhibitors is a sampling of who was there but should show how the multi-faceted adult entertainment industry was well represented.

What struck me as a bit odd is as well as the industry was being represented, there was an absent of industry “heavyweights” such as Vivid or Wicked Pictures. To a point I understand with Exxxtacy 2010 being a new show that Vivid or Wicked might be leery of coming, but with this being in the Midwest you’d think they’d jump at the chance to come out and show support and meet those who support the industry – THE FANS!

Now throughout the weekend I talked with numerous exhibitors and discussed other industry events which usually occur on either the east or west coast. I learned the usual crowd at those events consisted of upper income middle-aged white males or couples. I also learned that the major events such as the AVN Awards, usually held in Las Vegas, has decreased in size over the last few years and other events in places such as Miami or Los Angeles were down in attendance too.

Yes, it could be the economy. But again, when events seem to be tailored to the upper income middle-aged white males or couples, that could be the problem too.

When you compare what the exhibitors/entertainers shared with me about other industry events to who attended the Midwest Exxxtacy 2010 show, there is a whole different fan base segment the adult entertainment industry seems to ignore. People attending Exxxtacy 2010 covered every age/race aspect of humanity over the age of 18. It’s common knowledge the adult entertainment industry is supported by people of ALL income brackets and backgrounds, so in this era of the internet and economic stress, every dollar counts and to ignore part of your fan base is ignoring possible income.

It’s interesting in talking with all the exhibitors/entertainers I heard over and over they wish there were more crowds like the one at Exxxtacy 2010 and having shows in areas such as Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and Miami where you tend to find more of “the beautiful people” seems to tell the Midwest they don’t matter.

I’m not expecting the industry to change overnight and everything be correct. With some of the inside bickering over who’s going to do what when and where instead of trying to work together, change is going to be a bitch. But I believe that change is possible and you have to start somewhere and that those who do see a problem are starting to speak up and try and make things better.

Remember this truth: United We Stand, Divided We Fall.

No matter what business it is, this principle remains true and has been proven time and time again. The adult entertainment industry needs to realize that areas like the Midwest are just as vital as either coast and if another event like Exxxtacy 2010 happens (which I understand is a great possibility) then major “heavyweights” such as Vivid or Wicked should show more support and not appear as elitist catering to a selected audience instead of appealing to the entire fan base.

I welcome anyone who reads this to comment with just one request, please show intelligence not ignorance. Looking forward to what you have to say.

Curtis Isom
Field Media Correspondent

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