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…So I believe I left off with of my favorite parts of the job. I have learned a lot over the years and still learn. I constantly watch other girls to pick up new pole tricks here and there. Yeah, there are days when I am just not into it but as soon as I hit that stage a switch comes on and I am into the music. I also find that eye contact is very important! Surprisingly though I find about 70% of guys become uncomfortable when I look right at them. They immediately look the other way, cross their arms and other body language that totally gives them away. I also will go to the rail and wave a guy over…I want my customers to have a good time, loosen up a little and not be intimidated by a beautiful woman. I have learned in this job though that we women are very intimidating to some guys. I used to often wonder to myself…how could little 95lb. me ever be intimidating to anyone!?! When I make guys feel more comfortable I am able to be more comfortable as well. Some guys come into the club and look like they are at the DMV for some reason, I often tell them to smile as they are in a strip club surrounded by beautiful women…what better scenery! A lot of guys I meet on the floor prefer to see me on stage first and I don’t blame them, I would be the same but it would depend on the girl. I personally just love to go on stage, I get to be creative with my outfits, dancing and sometimes even play with another girl while on stage. Guys can tell a lot about a dancer by her stage work, guys are smarter than we dancers think. They definitely can tell if we are having a bad day and that is not good for making money. All in all there are many things I like about my job, but stage is one of my favorites! So guys, next time you go to the club, make sure to tip the ladies and treat them with respect…we really do appreciate it! I will discuss more about customer etiquette in my next blog! Till next time, as stated before…tip your strippers well!

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Published on: August 22, 2010

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