313 Tales from Tony 140:Big Show About Nothing And Everything

Atlanta, GA- Tony Batman’s A Entertainment News  We had the full week off to reflect and write our tales of crazy so this weeks episode of the Tales From Tony Batman Show  is all about the reflection of it all. It’s also about Exotic Dancers, Bikini Models and Porn stars, just so your aware about whats in here!

We talk about the Chick Fil A ordeal that has been going on, and everyone showing their support for both sides of the opinion. We then play you the Chow Down at Chick Fil  Tranny Video, Yes, the tranny video. We also tel you about our friend Charles who was part of the  Chick Fil A marketing staff when they came up with the phrase Eat more chicken.

We talk a little about the Olympics but was  sure everyone is not tired of hearing about it, unless you won a metal and are on your victory tour.

We ask the question, What is the most recognizable adult movie title of modern times? Some of the answers will really surprise you, which one just popped into your head?

We then tell you all about our happiness and surprise that the horror movie  Girls Gone Dead that we were in is  rising on a bunch of different charts, and is even  #1 on IMDB and on Google Play. We think it’s because of us and our rapid fans of the A Entertainment News!

Then we play a few of our new videos we shot at the recent  Exxxotica Chicago Expo, and the Nudes A Poppin Pageant & Festival Weekend.  The Screaming O Show video was really edited with awesomeness and we almost look good in it. (Screaming O ChicagoKim From SkindustryClub O at NudesLions Den at NudesScreaming O Show at the Ponderosa)

We then ask the question, when is product placement taking it too far? Do you think if we gave out Free Tony Batman’s A Entertainment News T-Shirts to people on death row in prisons that maybe when its Their Time we would get some good press out of it?  Then we ask if the shirts have to be flame retardant or if it really matters at that point.

We preview our upcoming events we are hosting or co hosting like the  Exotic Dancer Expo in Las Vegas, The  StripperPalooza 6  in Northern Wisconsin, the  Gone For Days  Concert in New Hampshire, and the StrippperFest 11 Show in Milwaukee.

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Listen to the show here, on iTunes or on any of your favorite podcast outlets. The show is produced in the Los Angeles area by the good people at  Striptaculous  Radio. The Pod-casts have now been downloaded 3 million times by fans of the show. Thank you for listening !

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