325 Tales from Tony 146:Vayda Kiss And Jamie Serina Guest As We Tell All About StripperPalooza 7

Kalamazoo, MI- Tony Batman’s A Entertainment News  In this action packed episode we have on the sexy Vayda Kiss and Jamie Serina on the show to talk about their respective wins at the recent Skindustry Productions StripperPalooza  Exotic Dance and Pole Competition.

The funny gets going right from the start of the show as we have the sexy Vayda Kiss on. We tell how we tried to psyche out Vayda before she went on stage at the StripperPalooza 7 contest, she was going for the Queen of the Stage title and the scores after 3 rounds were completely tied. So right when she goes on stage for the Sudden Death Dance Off round, we go up to her and whisper in her ear. If you want to know what we said well you will have to listen to the show.  We can tell you this, after the dance off  Vayda Kiss won the title, and a day after that was signed by Platinum Stages as one of their Sponsored Pole Athletes.  We also announced that Vayda Kiss is now officially one of the sexy A Entertainment Girls.

We then have Jamie Serena on the show to talk about her win at the StripperPalooza 7 as well. Jamie tells us about her strategy during her stage show and we just had to ask about her special karate chop and the boards she broke during her show, you have to hear the answers to this one, too good to pass up.

We then talk to our A Entertainment photographer Ricky Rich and ask if there was any back stage fighting or girl claw scratching that we might have missed while on stage hosting the contest. Of course our conversation with Ricky goes south and we end up talking about bratwurst sausages and beer, it must be the Wisconsin in him.

We tell you all about the pre party for StripperPalooza 7 at the Angels Club, and how we had one of the most fun Screaming O Stage Shows and Contests we have had in a while. We talk in depth about how good ladies look eating bananas. The Strip Mall people came in and brought some very sexy ladies to enter the Screaming O Contest and the StripperPalooza 7 Contest the next day.

We tell you about our time in Kalamaz00 Michigan at the Angels Gentlemens Club, and how even though it was our 7th time performing there,we never get tired of their Hot Hot Dancers, or their potent fish bowl drinks, really, you drink out of a big round fishbowl

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Published on: November 18, 2012

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