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The Tony Batman Talk Show – Christina Aguchi And The Debut Of “The Take”

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Ft Lauderdale, FL- Tony Batman’s A Entertainment News- In this second ever episode of the Tony Batman Talk Show on the Network, host Tony Batman talks with International Exotic Dancing Star and Pole Dancing Champion Christina Aguchi about the new Feature Dancers Only social media page that she is the moderator of.  The show is honors the recent “International Women’s Day” and how Christina Aguchi, also know simply as “The Gooch” has put efforts forward to help empower the Feature Dancers in the Exotic Dance Industry.

Christina and Batman talk about their that leads all the way back to their days in Los Angeles when they both worked exclusively in the Adult Movie Industry. They give some personal insights on the differences in the Porn Industry and the Exotic Dance Industry, and they even bring up some old dating stories from back in the day.

The Tony Batman Talk Shows second episode debuts a new segment called “The Take” where they get some different takes from listeners and industry professional about a current news story….  A different Take on the same story can be a good thing…

In the first ‘The Take” segment ever, Batman talks with Sara Wood form about the article that was in the news about flying with sex toys, and how the TSA could actually confiscate your vibrator if it is too long, 7 inches is too much? Listen the the take on that.

Then Tony talks with Amber Yeisley from the Planet Platypus Show about the petition to end daylight savings time in the United States. Is it all over for the spring forward, fall back tradition? Listen to the take on that.

As “The Take” wraps up it’s first show, Batman  has on Erika Icon from The Rub PR company and Sherry Ziegelmeyer from  Black and Blue Media, a publicity and marketing company, and they give their TAKE on the recent Larry Flynt published article where he give success tips for new adult industry girls. Part of Larry Flynt‘s advice mentioned the fact that to succeed in todays adult industry, your going to need a publicist.  Listen to “the Take” from everyone mentioned and see if you agree….


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