vega and batman

The Tony Batman Talk Show- Natasha Vega And Lisa Licious Guest The Debut Show

vega and batman

Ft. Lauderdale, FL  –  In the debut of the new Tony Batman Talk Show on the popular Planet Platypus Network, host Tony Batman has the sexy adult movie star and feature entertainer Natasha Vega in the studio and visits feature entertainer Lisa Lisious while she was in West Palm Beach Florida to perform at the T’s Lounge.

The show opens with a little history on Tony Batman’s career, from being a strip club DJ, to moving out to Hollywood to work in the Adult Movie Industry, Reality TV, and up to new where he has 8 job  that pay close to nothing again. From the Playboy Mansion to the legendary rock & roll clubs of the Hollywood Sunset Strip, Batman has been there, from the stupidest reality TV shows, to the lowest budget mainstream horror movies, Batman has been there…… You get the picture, so now listen to the show.

The interview with award winning Feature Dancer Lisa Licious, which was recorded live on location at the T’s Lounge in West Palm Beach Florida. Lisa Lish, she is called Lish for short, was performing her stage shows at T’s and Batman took a road trip to see her do so. The interview talks about her beginning in the Exotic Dance Industry, how she won a local dance contest and knew she wanted to be a Feature Entertainer.

Lisa talks openly about her addiction and now her recovery of almost 4 years. She tells about her crazy co2 cannons show and how that all came about and then she talks a little about what life is really like on the tour as a Feature Dancer… The answers to the questions might surprise you as you listen tot he show.

The in studio guest and honorary co host for the night was Adult Movie Star and Award Winning Feature Dancer Natasha Vega. Batman and Natasha talk about their history and some of the things she has accomplished in her career, like bing the current Exotic Dancer Awards “Newcomer of the Year”  and several other things….  Listen to the show th hear them all….

At the end of the show Batman plays a clip from his other show, The Tales From Tony Batman” where he, Jim Strip, and Raven talk about some funny news that was in the headlines that week… The Dennis Rodman in North Korea story, the Larry Flynt’s advice to new industry girls story, the Seth MacFarlane hosting the Oscars story, and the fact that the Pope quit and the girls gone wild company filed for bankruptcy on the same day…


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