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Tony Batman Talk Show- Guest Ryan Ashley Calls Tony Gay, No Wait It Was….

ashley batman

In this tell all episode of the Tony Batman Talk Show on the Planet Platypus Network, host Tony Batman has on the sexy feature entertainer and award winning exotic pole dancer Ryan Ashley.

Planet Platypus shows Amber Yeisley sits in for a few segments of the show to keep Batman  in check as he is talking to the talented Ryan Ashley. The conversation goes into where Batman and Ryan first met and how they did not speak to each other until the second or third time they worked together, find out why on the show.

Batman tells this crazy story about Ryan Ashley being stranded in the the middle of nowhere in Texas when her car  engine seized up and would never start again.  Did Ashley get mad, frustrated, scared? Did she cry?…. Listen to the show and find out everything that happened that day.

Then somehow the subject came up about Batman liking sad movies, and crying in front of people at the theater, Nestor the producer questioned if he might be gay….. No Ryan Ashley is the one that gets that question all the time, let her answer that…. You have to hear what was said next, good thing it’s all in the show for you to listen to..

After the Ryan Ashley segment we go into the second episode of “The Take”, which is a topical news story that we go and get an industry insiders, “Take” on… Live on the show

This weeks news included the question, Why are all the pop stars passing out and going into seizures these days, Lil Wayne, Justin Beiber, Lady Gago?   We got rock and roll expert and DJ at Tootsie’s Cabaret John Hardin to give how take and it is a bit intense to say the least. You might want to put the show on Slo Mo for a few just to hear his iterate answer…. Whew he has some passion about rock and roll!

Our next “The Take” subject asks about these Porn Parody Movies, are they going too far, is anything not sacred, Why do I want to see Dorthy form the Wizard of Oz doing a gang bang in a tornado? We have on the PARODY MASTER Will Ryder to give us his take on this, Sure We go to far but thats what people want to see right?… Will Ryder breaks it all down for us and slips in the fact that you can go to several times, he is an award winning porn director and a master at slipping it in….. The link we mean, thats

Then we probably bring you the most important “The Take” of all time, or until the end of time, which according to reports will be very soon. The news story is about the new Pope, Lightning hitting churches, Thousands of dead pig carcases, and a locust swarm, all in the same week. We have on our preacher turned Sex Toy Retailer, the owner of the Entice Couples Boutique Chain of adult stores located in the North Georgia area, Charles Craton, or Former Preacher Creaton as we like to call him around the adult industry, we will have him back on to tell his Chik Fil A story… Then we have a take from Joanne Cachapero from the Free Speech Collation, they are always trying to prevent the end of free speech in the world so Joanne knows a thing or two about the end of days, and we think she was once a good Catholic girl.  This is a “The Take” that will go down in history, well, for as long as history goes as we know it……….


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