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357 Tales from Tony 156:The Palm Beach International Film Fest, We Defend Mary Carey From The Evil Press

West Palm Beach, FL – Tony Batman’s A Entertainment News- In this latest episode of the “Tales From Tony Batman” Show, which just had it’s 3 year Anniversary, we tell you all about our time attending the Palm Beach International Film Festival.  Our friends from Volcano Productions, Almost Funny, and Silver BeachProductions all had shorts or films in the festival so we went with them to take a look. You have to hear what happened while we were in the theater watching the films.

We also talk about how the Broward Palm Beach New Times tried to take a shot at porn star and Florida Atlantic University alumni Mary Carey, and how we stuck up for our friend and publicly told them off. Mary was so happy she even contacted us to say thank you.

We do a little predicting of the outcome of the Masters Golf Tournament, as Tiger Woods has his new girlfriend Lindsey Vonn in Augusta with him, she was a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model and we give our opinion on her and Tiger. Since we were speaking of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Models we go ahead and talk about our favorite model in the world, Kate Upton. We were very upset when the rumors surfaced that Kate and Didddy were dating. Of course we tell you all why, Upton should be our next ex wife instead.
We tell you of the sad story about “Egypt” the exotic dancer that was shot in the face by a customer while they were in the VIP dance room at the Spearmint Rhino in Rialto, California.

We also go over a new scientific study that was just completed, reporting that penis size does matter and that women want them bigger. After telling you our side of that story, we give the study the weekly, “Duh” award.

We recap our past few shows we have done on our other show, the Tony Batman Talk Show on Network and how we have loved all of our guests so far, which have included, Natasha VegaRyan AshleyKatie SutraChristina AguchiLisa LiciousLeia DownRichelle RyanLacey Rain, and even director Will Ryder.

Mary Carey

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Published on: May 2, 2013

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