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364 Brian Hopkins Grand Prix

This Week we speak with Brian Hopkins the GM of Club OTB, home of the Grand Prix.

We speak about the industry, and how Brian believes that competitions should be run, no BS, and no questions off the table.

This is a frank discussion about the vision of the newest of the competitions.

Do not forget that if you say “Striptaculous” at the door, you get in FREE…..

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Skindustry Productions is a production company that brings elite level exotic dance, showgirl, burlesque and pole fitness competitions and showcases into venues across the United States.

Skindustry competition series include: Grand Prix of Exotic Dance, StripperfestStripperPaloozaVertical Pole Showdown and Vertical Pole Showdown U.S. Open.

Skindustry competitions are held with the motto: Competition, Integrity, Entertainment. As such, our competitions feature judging and scoring systems that are always open to the contestants and audience, and all scores are made available to the public during the competition.

Skindustry’s goal is to bring elite level events to clubs and venues across the United States, while establishing and recognizing the premier entertainers and athletes, as well as the clubs, studios and agencies they represent.

Skindustry strives to keep the spirit of the showgirl and entertainer alive with our stage competitions, while continuing to help set high standards and practices with our pole competitions.

Skindustry believes that if you build your walls too high, you only isolate yourself. We aspire to tear down walls and build bridges to give these industries an identity and a brand that they can call their own.
We are…You are… Skindustry.

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Published on: June 6, 2013

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