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380 Tales from Tony 164:Wendy’s In Las Vegas, Casey From Harley’s Roadhouse In Wisconsin

Los Angeles, CA- Planet Platypus Network- In this latest episode of the Tales From Tony Batman Show, Hosts Tony Batman, Jim Strip, and Raven talk about the Wendy’s Convention in Las Vegas, and Casey from Harley’s Roadhouse in Wisconsin comes on the show live from the Plat-Bat Mansion in Miami.

Jim, Raven, Batman, and Casey talk about Casey’s trip to Florida from Wisconsin, why airports still suck, and how Casey liked his tour of the South Florida Gentlemens Clubs. We suspect he like the Sold Gold Ft Lauderdale club the best.

Casey and Batman talk about the Snowy Sex Games event they are planning at the Harley’s Roadhouse in Hurley Wisconsin.

Batman then tells about his trip to Las Vegas for the Wendy’s Convention. Learning some new marketing tricks from cooperate America can be fun. Then Tony tells about the big finale at the Creases Palace Coliseum, where the band “Queen Extravaganza” played the closing night just for the convention attendees.

We hope you enjoy the show!!!

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Tony Batman

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Published on: November 9, 2013

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