386 Sondra Saxon ED Expo 2013 (Video)

UPDATE:  As of airing this we were saddened to find out that Lisa(Sondra) had passed away.  We will miss her.   Please keep her husband Tony and her family in your prayers.

I have had this video since the ED Expo in Aug.  This shows how behind I am in editing…..  Point is that I wanted to share this Interview with Sondra for a reason.  If you have not heard Sondra had a severe episode of asthma that lead to a blood clot being loosed in her body, the EMT’s had to resuscitate her, and since that time (Jan 17th) she has been in a coma.  I have always loved Sondra’s shows, they are very energetic and entertaining.  Sondra herself, has been on the show a few times, and when we meet in person, she is such a sweetheart to be around.    So let this be a reminder to keep Sondra and her family in our thoughts and prayers.

To a speedy and complete recovery.

We Love you Sondra!


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Published on: January 28, 2014

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