Rialto Report: Shanna McCullough: Like Ginger Exploding

Shanna McCullough always seemed to be full of contradictions.

She was a golden age adult film actress, yet she was still in the industry until just a few years ago.

She’s an award-winning veteran of 100s of films, but she came from a Christian family and only had a couple of boyfriends before she found herself making her first film.

She’s a glamorous sex symbol, a successful feature dancer for many years across the country, but she’s also a tomboy who worked as an electrician and is happy hiking and studying.

So what’s the truth – will the real Shanna McCullough stand up?

Today we’re joined by Shanna, who looks back at a 30 year career, working with many of the greats from the industry, including Alex de Renzy, Henri Pachard, Anthony Spinelli, and her pet python, Monty.

This episode running time is 78 minutes.


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Published on: November 2, 2014

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