Striptaculous hit 20,000

It is so cool to see that the show is doing good, but we just passed 20,000 downloads of the shows…..sweet.

I hope you enjoy them, I am working hard to get you some real good content.

Rock On.

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Stripping gone bad.

August 20, 2007 • News • Views: 1147

Now this is funny shit. Pole Dance Cat Fight - Watch more free videos

PME 2007 Look out….

August 9, 2007 • News • Views: 653

Well, I will be at the portable media expo in sept 2007. If you want info use the link below. I may even be podcasting live from the expo at the Orange County Podcasters Booth…….but have yet decided a topic. Come down and see us if you can…..I will post the schedule. Thanks

We must be on the right track.

July 4, 2007 • News • Views: 866

Well today burned out our first server. Coool….. That means that we were way on track to burn out 20 gigs of bandwidth. I know it is not a lot for the media files, but when you have over 2600 downloads of the shows it adds up fast. And I might add we broke …

Wow Erotica LA

June 24, 2007 • News • Views: 1061

Well as you can see by the recent photo’s I had a great time at Erotica LA. I got lots of pics for you all, and hope you like them. Too many things going on at once to get all the details, but will try. Got lots of pictures of the Spearmint Rhino Girls in …

The Final Straws……

May 27, 2007 • News • Views: 618

Well we are down to the final straws of getting everything together, the feed should be up within a couple of days, and content to follow. I am glad that there is some real excitement about the show, and it shows it is overdue. Thanks for the support so far. Jim

Media Kits Available soon!

May 13, 2007 • News • Views: 951

We are working on finalizing the media kits for those interested in getting your hands on one, please email us a The media kits will explain the podcast, and have samples of our work. These are intended for club owners/Mgr’s to demonstrate how the show works, and


April 29, 2007 • News • Views: 508

News! We are currently working on getting the podcast up and running, I am real excited about this and can’t wait until the first show. Stay tuned for more news as it happens.