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Eric John

361 Eric John AVN 2013

So far in our AVN coverage we have not spoken to any dudes…..well.   Ok so if you are going to quick a job at an aerospace company to start a new life would it be Porn?

Eric John did just that, moving from an engineering background into the world of porn.  Married to Vicki Chase,  Eric and Vicki do wild Cam/Streaming  live sex performances, along with bringing in other people as well.  In this interview we talk about the industry, how to build up fans, how streaming works, and how to have sex 5-6 times a day.   wow.

Eric John

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360 Lexi Love AVN 2013

May 12, 2013 • ( video Version), Lexi Love, Podcast, Show Feed • Views: 1774

At AVN this year we had the pleasure to interview Lexi Love.  Now cool things come in small packages, and Lexi does not disappoint.  Lexi is not only a hot Porn star but rather a geek as well, with an engineering background and the skills to skin her own word press site, well It made my geek

kendall karson cheetahs

358 Kendall Karson B-Day Fun

May 8, 2013 • ( video Version), Kenall Karson, Podcast, Show Feed • Views: 1525

This week we talk with Kendall Karson on her Birthday.  Now the bash was held at Cheetahs in LA, with crazy dancing with whipped cream being eaten off her body to a hot lapdance from Evan Stone….  It was a fun night and we meet some cool people.  We get to set down with Kendall for

Bibi Jones

356 Bibi Jones AVN 2013

April 20, 2013 • ( video Version), Bibi Jones, Podcast, Show Feed • Views: 2039

This time in our AVN 2013 covarage we ran into Bibi Jones from Digital Playground.  Bibi is a contratct star with DP and has a bunch of films with DP available on their site. Bibi took a little time off from porn, but now is back in, full swing so to speak.  Bibi won the …

Tanya Tate

354 Tanya Tate AVN 2013

April 9, 2013 • ( video Version), Podcast, Show Feed, Tanya Tate • Views: 1424

When it comes to UK Hotties Tanya Tate always comes to mind.  I am not sure if it is the accent or what we always have a great time talking with Tanya. Winning MILF of the year at XBiz this year, Tanya has become a hot commodity.  Tanya has started directing films as well, doing some girl/girl

Kendall Karson, Evan Stone

Kendall Karson gets a lap dance from Evan Stone on her Birthday

April 2, 2013 • ( video Version), Kedall Karson, News, Photo's • Views: 2004

We went to the sexy Kendall Karson’s Birthday bash last week and saw some amazing things. One of those things is the video below.    More to come…….

brandi love_aee2013_3_ppd_09

352 Brandi Love AVN 2013

March 31, 2013 • ( video Version), Brandi Love, Podcast, Show Feed • Views: 3189

You may remember Brandi from Show 40.  if you don’t you will be pleased with this interview from AVN 2013.  Now this hottie has been rocking the Porn world since 2004.  Very fun and adventurous Brandi has a great outlook of porn and sex and is a very sex positive figure.  I am still not


349 Lilly Evans AVN 2013

March 18, 2013 • ( video Version), Podcast, Show Feed • Views: 1482

Another entry from AVN 2013 Lilly Evans.   Now I meet Lilly for the first time this AVN and she was simply charming.  Adult Model, Girl/Girl performer and Media person. We talk about her performances and her directions…. Enjoy.

dana de armonde_avnawards2013_ppd_03

347 Dana DeArmond AVN 2013

March 7, 2013 • ( video Version), Podcast, Show Feed • Views: 1351

From Disney Dancer to Internets Girlfriend Dana has done it all.  Starting her Hardcore career back when Myspace was cool, Dana quickly gained mass popularity using the tools on the internet.  We caught up with Dana at the Girlfriend Films booth.  We discuss what porn has become, being famous


345 Joanna Angel AVN 2013

February 26, 2013 • ( video Version), Podcast, Show Feed • Views: 1095

This year at AVN we got the pleasure to meet Joanna Angel founder of Burning Angel.  Now Joanna is no stranger to winning awards, as in this latest year winning for Best Solo Sex Scene “Filthy Whore” and Best Porn Star Website for “” in 2013.  We had a


344 Sunny Lane 2.0 AVN 2013

February 18, 2013 • ( video Version), Podcast, Show Feed • Views: 1404

Our coverage of AEE/AVN 2013 continues with the Fabulous Sunny Lane.  We have had Sunny on the show before, but I must say, you can never Get enough Sunny.  She is a straight shooter and classy person as well as being one of the hottest talents in the industry.    The new and improved Sunny


343 Mia Lelani AVN 2013

February 10, 2013 • ( video Version), Podcast, Show Feed • Views: 2653

Our ongoing AVN 2013 coverage brings us Mia Lelani.   Those who have not had the fortune of meeting Mia, will be won over quickly by her upbeat personality.   Mia also works hard at being a full time chemistry student as well as her porn career.   Hot and smart is a killer combination. …


341 Taylor “Tay” Stevens from AVN 2013

February 2, 2013 • ( video Version), Podcast, Show Feed • Views: 1652

This is the first of our AVN 2013 coverage with Tay Stevens.  Now if you don’t know Taylor, then you are missing out.  Taylor is a porn star, webcam girl, clothing designer, and Nerd.  Yeah to the Nerds….  lol Taylor went through Lymphoma in 2010 and is a survivor  and an


Lacey Rain from Miss Pole Champ LV

October 16, 2012 • ( video Version), News, Photo's • Views: 3204



319 Veronica Ricci @ Girls and Corpses

September 30, 2012 • ( video Version), Podcast, Show Feed • Views: 1821

At Girls and Corpses we ran into our  friend  Veronica Ricci @veronicaricci and had a great interview and some rather new ideas. (ps I like the Red Hair….. )  


Vayda Kiss – Miss Pole Champ Las Vegas Regional Finals

September 28, 2012 • ( video Version), News, Photo's • Views: 1104


318 Missy Martinez ( girls and corpses)

September 21, 2012 • ( video Version), Podcast, Show Feed • Views: 1870

Another episode from Girls and Corpses Event at meltdown comics. This time we speak with Missy Martinez, and AVN award winner.


Farrah Frost – Miss Pole Champ Las Vegas

September 9, 2012 • ( video Version), News, Photo's • Views: 1392

Farrah Frost from the Miss Pole Champ Las Vegas Regional Finals. Farrah did a stellar job and came in Second.


316 Katie Summers (Girls and Corpses)

September 5, 2012 • ( video Version), Podcast, Show Feed • Views: 3221

We met up with Katie Summers at the  Girls and Corpses Event in LA hosted at Meltdown Comics.


Tiffany Hayden

September 5, 2012 • ( video Version), News, Photo's • Views: 1156

Tifany Hayden from Miss Pole Champ Las Vegas Regional Finals, Tiffany Came in 3rd Place.